HeroesTD CGC Token

A.k.a the HeroesTD Cloudspire Gold Coin Token
HeroesTD CGC Token - a.k.a HeroesTD Cloudspire Gold Coin Token - is another token to be used for game activities and on Marketplace and DEX. HeroesTD will not sell $CGC directly. Instead, $CGC can only be created by players.
$CGC can be earned through most ingame activities: PvP Arena, Challenge, Tournament, Daily Quest. $CGC can be used to summon new NFT Heroes on DApp, or can be used as entrance fee for activities such as Challenge, Tournament to earn more $CGC. And the player can withdraw these $CGC to trade on DEX.
Verichains Public Audit Report - HeroesTD CGC Token - v1.0.pdf