🎮How to Play

In Heroes TD, each player is given a starter deck of 8 Non-NFT Heroes. Players can use this starter deck to participate in PvP Arena and battle with other players to earn IGC.

In each game, there are multiple rounds. On each round, multiple waves of the enemy's heroes will be teleported to a track leading to the player's base. At the same time, there will be also waves of the player's heroes teleported to the enemy's track to attack the enemy's base. When an enemy's hero reaches the player's base, he will lose one point. If the player loses 3 points, he will lose the match. The same applies to the enemy as well.

The Boss wave will occur after a specified number of troop waves. During this Boss wave, a bigger hero will appear with significantly higher stats and special skills. Depending on the Boss's character, its special skill will vary, from blocking the attack of a random hero on the field to summoning smaller heroes, or running faster for some seconds at an interval.

To defend his base, the player will have to spend energy to summon a hero. At the beginning of the game, the player will start with 100 points of energy. Each time the player presses the Summon button, an amount of energy will be spent, and a random hero from his deck will be summoned to his field. The amount of energy will increase each time the player summons a new hero. Each time defeating an enemy's hero, the player will gain an amount of energy, which can be used to summon more heroes.

Players can also merge 2 identical heroes of the same stars to summon a random hero with higher stars. Correspondingly, the next new heroes teleported to the enemy's base will also have higher stars as well. The more stars a hero has, the stronger he becomes. Depending on the hero's character, the increased stats may include better attack damage, more health points, higher defense, etc.

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