• Using multiple accounts on one device: Players are not allowed to use multiple accounts to play on 1 device and use 1 or more NFT heroes to play on multiple accounts within 24 hours (One account playing on multiple devices is still accepted). Violations will be banned.

  • Energy Manipulation: If there is any act of switching heroes between accounts within 24 hours for the purpose of illegal energy use, they will be banned.

  • MMR Reset: If the rank is lower than 800, the player will not be able to receive additional points. Some players will try to create a new account and transfer their Heroes to it and be able to earn eCGC again. If you get warned 3 times, you will be banned.

  • Using bot auto to manipulate the market will get you banned.

  • Any cheating or illegal behavior when detected will be strictly handled (eg: Boost points, Using Third party Tool). We respect transparent product creation and develop the best product together.For all information on reporting fraud, please send it to the support channel.

  • We will start bans based on the number of violations:



7 Days

+ Can't withdraw CGC + Lose 50% eCGC+ + Can't sell/buy/transfer NFT Heroes + Only receive 50% leaderboard reward


30 Days

+ Can't withdraw CGC + Lose 100% eCGC + Can't sell/buy/transfer NFT Heroes + Can't receive leader reward



+ Your Account will be removed from Heroes TD ecosystem + Your NFT Heroes will be permanently banned and can't be sold/purchased/transfered/added to game

*We will continuously update the law and make transparent announcements on the websites

  • Any information on reporting fraud, please send it to the Zendesk support:

Banned: Affects gaming accounts. Players will not be able to withdraw, add heroes

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