• Each player starts with 10 energy points.

  • Energy will be calculated for both non-NFT Heroes (rarity C and above) and NFT Heroes.

  • Energy will be calculated according to each Hero added/purchased in the game.

  • Detail:

    • Each non-NFT Hero will gain 1 energy.

    • Each NFT Hero will gain 2 energy.

  • Maximum energy of each user is 50 energy.

  • Energy will be updated the next day. For example, if a user add or buy a champion on March 14, they will receive an additional energy update on March 15

    • For NFT Heroes added into the game, energy will be added to the user the day after the day it is added. For example, if you recharge on March 14, the user will receive energy on March 15.

    • For non-NFT Heroes (level C and above), energy is added immediately after the user buys IAP.

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