Rune Name


Apperentice's stone

Every time he kills an enemy, the Hero accumulates 1 point of Bloodthirsty. Up to 10/20/30/40/50 points For every point of Bloodthirsty: Hero gains 1 Bonus Attack Damage.

Carrying more Gems of the same type will increase the number of Bloodthirsty points in each hoard.

The effect will be reset after every Round.

Hunter's Treasure

Hero's basic attacks deal 0.5/0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3/1.5% bonus damage to the target's missing health. For Bosses:

  • Maximum damage is 200

  • Each additional Rune of the same type will increase the maximum damage by 100

Regeneration Rune

When the Hero possessing this gem has 20% health left, the hero will recover 20% of its maximum health over 5s.

Astral Rune

Attacks will have a 10% chance to apply Confused to the target. Confused mark broken by skills will cause the enemy to be confused for 2s.

Confused - Confused targets will reverse and lose ability to cast.

Wicked Charm

Enemies hit by a hero possessing this gem will burn 30% of the skill's damage for 5s. And take the Curse effect during that time.

Curse - Grievous Wounds reduces the target's healing by 40%.

Ancestor's Relic

Gain 2 mana for each enemy hero killed on the way.

Juxtapose Chipped

Within 10 seconds of spawning, when HP drops below 20%. Gems will activate Mirror Image

Mirror Image - Hero splits into 2 entities and cannot be affected while cloned.

Guardian Sign

When moving on the road, owning champions will take 3/5/7/10/13/16% less damage taken.


Champions standing around the champion possessing this rune will all gain 4/6/10/16/26/40% attack speed.

Each additional Gem of the same type has the effect of 50% of the first one.

Joomong's Eyelash

All physical attacks cannot be missed

Chain Lightning Rune

Owned champion will launch 1 lightning after every 4 basic attacks, the lightning will spread to 4 enemies behind. Lightning will deal 5/7/9/12/16/22% AP of the champion.

Each additional Gem of the same type will increase the target by 2.

Megamorph Sphere

Owned Heroes when attacked will gain 1 charge, each charge will increase armor and magic resistance by 2%. The maximum number of charges is 25. Each additional Rune of the same type will increase the number of Charges when stored by 1

Multishot Rune

Physical attacks will fire 2 extra rays to attack nearby targets. Extra ray deals 10/11/13/16/19/25% of original damage. The secondary ray also applies on-hit effects.

Each additional Gem of the same type will have the effect of increasing 1 ray.

Runes are activated on all defensive heroes

Talisman of Demolition

Physical attacks ignore 30% of the target's armor.

Inquisitor's Command

The skill hits the target, will jerk lightning to 2 nearby enemies and deal damage. Each lightning bolt deals 11/13/16/21/27/35% magic damage.

Each additional Gem of the same type will increase the target by 1.

Seal of Refraction

Owned Hero will gain 1 layer of virtual health equal to 15% of maximum health.

Icewind Talon

Targeting skill when hit will apply Frost effect to all nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

Frost - 25% movement speed reduction.

Runes are activated on defense skills of heroes: Lucia, X, Dart, Anub, Lenus, Amuka, Harley, Ragnar (Coop), Thanatos"

Magic Critical Rune

The Hero that owns this rune will make the skill critical. Critical Chance (CC) and Critical Damage (CD) will be calculated according to %CC and %CD of its owner

Critical Block Rune

Hero possessing runes has a 15% increased chance to block damage from critical hits.

Frost Armor Rune

When participating in an attack, if damaged by a physical attack, it will apply Numbness to the enemy that has just launched that attack.

Numbness - Reduces champion's attack speed by 10% and bonus attack speed by 15%.

The effect expires when the champion possessing the Rune is destroyed.

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