Season system boosts motivation to play HeroesTD


  • Operating time: 1 Month.

  • Start time: Start from 09:00 UTC of 24th of each month. (Starting from Season 3)

  • Finish time: Ends on 09:00 UTC of 21st of the month after.

  • Break time: The break period runs from the 21st to the start of the new season.

  • Rank points of all players will be returned 1000.

  • The season's prize will be announced 3 days before the start of the season.

  • Within 3 days after the season ends. Players will be able to get rewards in-game and get them through Dapp.


  • Players will use all the heroes they own, through the selection to find the right squad to help themselves go to the top of glory.

  • New players will be provided with 8 basic heroes.

  • Using bot auto to manipulate the market will get you banned.

  • Any cheating or illegal behavior when detected will be strictly handled (eg: Boost points). We respect transparent product creation and develop the best product together.For all information on reporting fraud, please send it to the support channel: ...

*We will continuously update the law and make transparent announcements on the websites

  • Any information on reporting fraud, please send it to the Zendesk support:


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