Becoming A Warlord

As you play the game, you will accumulate many heroes over time. At one point, you will have many decks of heroes which you wonโ€™t be able to maximize their abilities and performance due to time limitation. In that case, you can opt-in to become a Warlord in the Warlord & Commander System.

As a Warlord, you can create multiple sub-accounts, start transferring the extra decks into those sub-accounts, and look for Commander. You will have full control on the sub-accounts: All income of HTD, the Heroes inside those accounts.

After you have set up the sub-accounts, you can look for Commander to help you play them and pay the Commander a fee. You can decide which Commander you want to recruit, or how to pay them, depending on the Commanderโ€™s skills, daily income, your requirements and financial status. Then you can get a login QR code of that sub-account, or hand them that sub-accountโ€™s email and password, so that they can login into the game and start playing and earning for you.

As Commanders only have access to login credentials, they can only login to play the game. They will not be able to do Marketplace transfer, or withdraw any HTD from the sub-accounts. This system will help you prevent unauthorized transactions from occurring during the Commander hiring process.

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